Mature Sex

I always wonder if I’ll still have the same sex drive I have now well into my older years as a male because of what we are always told what happens to a man’s sex drive as he gets older.

Since it’s possible that I could lose my sex drive, I would like to have a sex with an older woman now. I’m 37, but I’d like to have sex with a 60-70 year old. I want to know if a woman in that age range still enjoys sex. I wonder if she’ll kiss deeply and still like to french kiss. I wonder if the body will react to sexual touch the same.

Like, if I go down on her, will she enjoy oral sex? Will her body respond to that as it did when she was younger? Will she enjoy a slow, circular penetration? Or will she like long deep thrusts that you hold when you get all the way in her?

I don’t know, I always wonder what sex will be like with a mature in age woman. I really hope I get to see someday soon.

– Mature Sex

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